A partial list of U.S. Trademarks owned by ES Industries follows along with a partial list of other manufacturers and their products that may or may not be referenced or appear on this website. Any questions concerning the use of these Trademarks or whether a Trademark that does not appear on this list is a Trademark of ES Industries should be referred to ES Industries at 1-856-753-8400


Manufacturer Trademark
ACE® Advanced Chromatography Technologies
ACQUITY® Waters Corp.
AD® DAICEL Chemical Industries, Ltd.
Adsorbosphere™ Alltech Associates, Inc.
Alliance® Waters Corp.
Aluspher® Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
AQUA® Phenomenex, Inc., in the USA
AQUA™ Phenomenex, Inc., in all other countries
AquaSep™ ES Industries
Asahipak® Showa Denko, K.K.
AS® DAICEL Chemical Industries, Ltd.
Aviator™ ES Industries
Atlantis Waters Corp.
Axia™ Phenomenex, Inc.
AY-H® DAICEL Chemical Industries, Ltd.
AZ® DAICEL Chemical Industries, Ltd.
BioSep® Phenomenex, Inc., in EU countries
BioSep™ Phenomenex, Inc., in all other countries
Bio-Sil® Bio-Rad Laboratories
Bondagel/µBondagel™ Waters Corp.
Bondapak®/µBondapak® Waters Corp.
Bondclone™ Phenomenex, Inc.
Capcell Pak® Shiseido Co., Ltd.
CHIRALCEL® DAICEL Chemical Industries, Ltd.
CHIRALPAK® DAICEL Chemical Industries, Ltd.
Chromegabond® ES Industries
ChromegaChiral™ ES Industries
Chromegapore™ ES Industries
Chromegasorb™ ES Industries
Chromegasphere™ ES Industries
Clarity® Phenomenex, Inc.
CombiSep™ ES Industries
Cosmosil™ Nacalai Tesque
Curosil™ Phenomenex, Inc.
Daisogel™ Daiso Co. Ltd.
DeactiSil™ ES Industries
Develosil® Nomura Chemical Co.
Discovery® Sigma-Aldrich Biotechnology
EnviroSep™ Phenomenex, Inc.
Epic™ ES Industries
Exsil® Exmere UK – Alltech Associates
FluoroSep™ ES Industries
GammaBond™ ES Industries
Gemini® Phenomenex, Inc.
Genesis® Alltech Associates, Inc.
GreenSep™ ES Industries
Guardian™ Phenomenex, Inc.
Harmony™ ES Industries
HarmonySecure™ ES Industries
Hibar® Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
HP® Agilent Technologies Inc.
Hypercarb™ Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
HyperClone™ Phenomenex, Inc.
HyperSelect™ ES Industries
Hypersil® Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
Hypersil Gold® Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
IB-Sil™ Phenomenex, Inc.
Impact™ Phenomenex, Inc.
Inertsil® GL Sciences, Inc.
Jupiter® Phenomenex, Inc.
Kinetex® Phenomenex, Inc.,in the USA
Kinetex™ Phenomenex, Inc., in all other countries
Kromasil® Eka Chemicals
LiChroCART® Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
LiChrosorb® Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
LiChrospher® Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Luna® Phenomenex, Inc.
Lux® Phenomenex, Inc., in the USA
Lux™ Phenomenex, Inc., in all other countries
MacroDac™ ES Industries
MacroSep™ ES Industries
Maxsil™ Phenomenex, Inc.
MercuryMS™ Phenomenex, Inc.
Micropak™ ES Industries
Neptune™ ES Industries
Nova-Pak® Waters Corp.
Nucleodex® Macherey-Nagel
Nucleogen® Macherey-Nagel
Nucleosil® Macherey-Nagel
OBD™ Waters Corp.
OD-H® DAICEL Chemical Industries, Ltd.
Oligo-MS™ Phenomenex, Inc.
OJ® DAICEL Chemical Industries, Ltd.
OJ-H® DAICEL Chemical Industries, Ltd.
Oligo-RP™ Phenomenex, Inc.
Oligo-WAX™ Phenomenex, Inc.
OZ-H® DAICEL Chemical Industries, Ltd.
Partisep™ ES Industries
Partisil Whatman
Partiselect™ ES Industries
PartiSphere® Whatman
PEEK™ Victrex plc
Phenogel™ Phenomenex, Inc.
PhenoSphere™ Phenomenex, Inc.
PLgel™ Polymer Laboratories, Ltd.
PLRP-S™ Polymer Laboratories, Ltd.
Polygosil® Macherey-Nagel
PolymerX™ Phenomenex, Inc.
PolySep™ Phenomenex, Inc.
Porasil™/µPorasil™ Waters Corp.
PrimeSphere™ Phenomenex, Inc.
Prodigy™ Phenomenex, Inc.
ProTec™ ES Industries
Protein-Pak™ Waters Corp.
RACII™ Whatman, Inc.
Resolve™ Waters Corp.
Resolvosil® Macherey-Nagel
Rexchrom® Regis Technologies
Rezex™ Phenomenex, Inc.
Rx® Agilent Technologies
SecurityGuard™ Phenomenex, Inc.
Selectosil™ Phenomenex, Inc.
Sepra™ Phenomenex, Inc.
Shodex® Showa Denko K.K.
Sonoma™ ES Industries
SphereClone™ Phenomenex, Inc.
Spherex™ Phenomenex, Inc.
Spherisep™ ES Industries
Spherisorb® Waters Corp.
StableBond® Agilent Technologies
StarRise™ ES Industries
Styragel®/µStyragel™ Waters Corp.
Sugar-Pak™ Waters Corp.
SunFire™ Waters Corp.
Supelcosil™ Sigma-Aldrich Biotechnology
Superspher® Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Swagelok® Swagelok Co.
Symmetry® Waters Corp.
SymmetryShield™ Waters Corp.
Sync™ ES Industries
Synergi® Phenomenex, Inc. in EU countries
Synergi™ Phenomenex, Inc. in all other countries
Taxol® Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
TSK-GEL® Tosoh Corporation
Ultracarb™ Phenomenex, Inc.
Ultrasphere® Beckman Coulter, Inc.
Ultrastyragel™ Waters Corp.
Vydac® Alltech Associates, Inc.
Waters® Waters Corp.
Whelk-O® Regis Technologies
XBridge™ Waters Corp.
XDB® Agilent Technologies
XTerra® Waters Corp.
ZirChrom™ ZirChrom Separations, Inc.
ZORBAX® Agilent Technologies