MacroDac C18


MacroDac™ C18 is an excellent alternative to W.R. Grace VYDAC® wide pore C18 chromatography media. MacroDac™ C18 is the ideal medium for high-performance reversed-phase chromatography of proteins, peptides, and other large molecules that had previously been difficult to separate by reversed-phase HPLC procedures. The large pores of the 300Å silica allow polypeptide molecules complete access to the interior of the silica pores. MacroDac™ C18 reversed-phase material consists of octadecyl aliphatic groups bonded to the surface of 300Å pore diameter silica. The unique process by which we manufacture MacroDac™ C18 provides for an HPLC media with very high purity synthetic silica and carefully controlled characteristics. The hydrophobic (reversed) phase is attached to the silica using polyfunctional octadecylchlorosilanes resulting in cross-linking, or polymerization of the hydrophobic phase.

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