Has your purification column become contaminated and lost its resolution edge? Has the column voided at the top yielding tailing peaks?

ES Industries has over 40 years’ experience packing all types of media and columns for both analytical and preparative scale column manufacturing.

As a result, for your convenience and to enable expensive preparative purification columns to be given a new “lease of life” ES Industries is proud to offer a preparative column repacking and reclamation service at our West Berlin, NJ facility. We have provided this service to many satisfied customers all over the world.

This service includes:

  • Evaluation of the column hardware upon receipt.
  • Removal, cleaning and testing of the “old” column packing material.
  • A dialog with you the customer regarding the results of the testing.
  • Upon approval we will then add material as necessary, renew frits, seals and other hardware.
  • Repack the column and test.
  • Return to you of your refreshed preparative column

Column Dimensions

We are able to repack columns 20, 30, 50 and 100mm in diameter whether flanged or of a compression fitting type.

Performance & Reproducibility

ES Industries understands the importance of column to column reproducibility and are confident in the performance of our columns. All columns are manufactured under our stringent Quality Focus program.

We welcome your enquiry for any preparative column packed with any media at any scale.