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GreenSep Columns for SFC

SFC is a “green” chromatographic technique where the main component of the mobile phase is CO2 and is useful in the areas of preparative chromatography and rapid analysis chromatography. The use of CO2 based mobile phases enables the use of high performance preparative columns (10 – 50 mm internal diameter) with a variety of particle sizes from 3 – 20 μm and results in the rapid separation and recovery for purified components. Many SFC separations have utilized “older normal phase HPLC types” of stationary phases such as unmodified silica, diol, amino and cyano. These phases are poorly adapted to SFC and present a number of limitations for SFC separation including low capacity, poor selectivity and poor peak shape.

GreenSepTM stationary phases, on the other hand, have been specifically engineered for SFC separations paying close attention to bonding coverage, density and all factors leading to high capacity phases which exhibit excellent selectivity and peak shape. GreenSepTM columns, available in 10 to 50 mm internal diameters, based on these phases have been designed to deliver high performance SFC separations. Columns from analytical to preparative sizes are available for all SFC phases including our new high performance 15mm ID columns and particle size from 3 – 20 μm.

Available GreenSepTM Phases:

GreenSep Basic GreenSep Nitro GreenSep DEAP
GreenSep HILIC GreenSep PFP GreenSep Ethyl Pyridine
GreenSep Ethyl Pyridine II GreenSep 4-Ethyl Pyridine GreenSep Pyridyl Amide
GreenSep Naphthyl GreenSep Amino Phenyl GreenSep Amine
GreenSep Cyano GreenSep Diol GreenSep Silica


GreenSep Basic SFC Columns

GreenSep Basic exhibits a highly basic character and is ideally suited to high performance/high speed SFC preparative chromatography applications of chemicals containing amine groups.

GreenSep Ethyl Pyridine SFC Columns

GreenSep Ethyl Pyridine is ideal for chemicals that are functionalized with strong amine groups.

GreenSep HILIC SFC Columns

GreenSep HILIC's composition provides hydroxyl levels, that are well above conventional silica and diol type stationary phases, and permits higher loading.

GreenSep PFP SFC Columns

GreenSep PFP is specifically designed for the separation of geometrical isomers and diastereomers.

GreenSep Diol SFC Columns

GreenSep Diol was designed for the SFC separation of acidic and basic analytes.

GreenSep Nitro SFC Columns

GreenSep Nitro is specifically designed for the SFC separation of geometrical isomers and diastereomers.

GreenSep 4-Ethyl Pyridine SFC Columns

GreenSep 4-Ethyl Pyridine is an alternative to and provides different selectivity to GreenSep Ethyl Pyridine (2-ethyl pyridine).

GreenSep Pyridyl Amide SFC Columns

GreenSep Pyridyl Amide does not require the addition of TFA or an amine to the mobile phase as a peak shape modifier so is ideal for compounds that contain both basic amine and acidic groups.

GreenSep Naphthyl SFC Columns

GreenSep Naphthyl's unique properties place its selectivity between graphitized carbon and alkyl type stationary phases.

GreenSep Silica SFC Columns

GreenSep Silica produces optimum SFC separation interactions and loading capacity while maintaining superior peak shapes for many compounds.