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Chromegabond ODS-PI

  • Unique Polar Imbedded Interaction
  • Alternative to Conventional ODS Technology
  • Newly Developed Polar Imbedded ODS Column
  • Shortened Analysis Times
  • The Consistency of the Polar Imbedded Interaction
  • Assured by Specifically Designed QC Tests

Chromegabond ODS-PI (Polar Imbedded) is the newest stationary phase to result from ES Industries extensive research programs. It is a truly unique product that demonstrates our commitment to innovative HPLC stationary phase development. Chromegabond ODS-PI delivers unmatched base deactivated performance for the analysis of amine containing compounds.

Chromegabond ODS-PI incorporates ureide polar imbedded technology that results in a reproducible, highly base deactivated pH stable phase. It is produced by a single step bonding approach and avoids all the difficulties faced by amide based polar imbedded columns which suffer poor pH stability and undesirable interaction with acids.

Chromegabond ODS-PI, however, does maintain the hydrophilic character displayed by many polar imbedded phases. Typical ODS stationary phases rely on hydrophobic interactions as their primary mode of separation which are virtually nonselective and lend almost no assistance in difficult separations. The hydrophilic nature of Chromegabond ODS-PI offers the chromatographer a selective tool for separation of difficult to resolve compounds.

Chromegabond® ODS-PI columns are subjected to a battery of tests to ensure that they deliver the best possible performance. These columns are tested with a series of tricyclic antidepressants using a pH=6.8 mobile phase. Tricyclic antidepressants are excellent probes to ensure that the columns have been base deactivated to the fullest extent. Tricyclic antidepressants contain strong amine groups, which are extremely sensitive to exposed silanol.

The unique hydrophilic nature of Chromegabond ODS-PI, however, required the development of additional test probes and new test conditions. These test probes and conditions would have to be sensitive to the unique hydrophilic interaction of the stationary phase. To accomplish this, we selected a mixture of compounds which are extremely polar and sensitive to any hydrophilic variation in the Chromegabond ODS-PI columns. Chromatographers that rely on the hydrophilic interaction to accomplish their specific separation can be confident that Chromegabond ODS-PI will perform consistently column to column and batch to batch. We have subjected the columns to strict quality control parameters which carefully take into account the unique interaction and selectivity.