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Chromegabond C22

  • Unique bonded C22 group
  • Highly retentive for reverse phase chromatography
  • Useful for PAHs, triglycerides, and steroids
  • Highly durable
  • The Best In "Phase Collapse" Resistant HPLC

Chromegabond C22 is a highly retentive stationary phase in which hydrocarbon C22 groups are bonded to an ultra-high purity support. The C22 is monomerical bound and is nonendcapped allowing this stationary to be used under wide variety of mobile phase compositions. This phase exhibits even greater hydrophobic interaction than the Chromegabond HC column. The Chromegabond C22 is ideally suited for the separation of triglycerides, PAHs, and steroids. Chromegabond C22: pore size = 100° A; surface area = 350 g2/m; Carbon = 22%; pH range = 2-8.