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Unique Reverse Phase Columns


AquaSep is the clear choice for the discriminating HPLC chromatographer faced with a difficult separation challenge such as polar compounds, compounds requiring a highly aqueous mobile phase or difficult to retain compounds.

Epic Phenyl Hexyl

Epic Phenyl-Hexyl uses a hexyl-linked phenyl phase. The hexyl alkyl chain provides for unique selectivity and increased hydrolytic stability when compared to propyl-linked chemistry.

GammaBond Alumina

GammaBond Alumina is a family of exceptionally stable alumina-based HPLC columns designed for extreme pH applications to provide high efficiency and unique selectivity.

Chromegabond ODS-PI

Chromegabond ODS-PI delivers unmatched base deactivated performance for the analysis of amine containing compounds.

Chromegabond PSC

PSC columns incorporate technology that we have developed which enables us to tightly control the level of residual silanol groups.

Chromegabond C22

Chromegabond C22 is a highly retentive stationary phase in which hydrocarbon C22 groups are bonded to an ultra-high purity support.