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Fluorinated Columns

Epic PFP-LB & Epic FO-LB

These columns have been stabilized to provide low column bleed, increased lifetimes, better pH stability (pH range 1 - 10) and superior LC-MS performance.

Chromegabond® PFP-T

Chromegabond PFP/T is based on perfluorinated phenyl chemistry bonded to specially treated silica yielding one finest analytical columns for the analysis of Taxol mixtures and Taxol related mixtures.

Chromegabond® LS

Chromegabond LS is a versatile phase, not only for lipophilic compounds, but for many analysis where run times need to shorten.

Traditional Fluorinated Phases

A collection of fluorinated phases which include fluoro octyl, fluoro propyl, and FSP a phenyl fluoro phase.