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DeactiSil HPLC Columns

DeactiSil™ is an identical selectivity to the Inertsil® HPLC column. Many chromatographers use DeactiSil when looking for an Inertsil® alternative. DeactiSil will offer long column lifetime and excellent reproducibility. DeactiSil is engineered to the tightest specification and is available in large scale bulk.

The following DeactiSil phases are available:

DeactiSil ODS3 (C18) 3u, 5u; 80A, 100A
DeactiSil ODS2 (C18) 5u 150A
DeactiSil ODS (C18) 5u 100A
DeactiSil C8 5u 150A
DeactiSil Phenyl 5u 150A