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Commercial HPLC Packings

Exsil® HPLC Materials

Exsil is a spherical uniform totally porous silica designed for use in conventional HPLC in both analytical and preparative modes.

Kromasil® HPLC Materials

Kromasil's spherical uniform particles have a narrow pore size distribution and a unique surface chemistry.

LiChrosorb® and LiChrospher® HPLC Materials

LiChrosorb and LiChrospher, manufactured by E. Merck, Germany for over 35 years and well documented in the literature.

Polygosil® HPLC Materials

Polygosil has superior durability and is the finest irregular silica available.

Nucleosil® HPLC Materials

Nucleosil is supplied in a wide range of bonded phases including uniquely bonded groups such as dimethyl amino.

ZirChrom® HPLC Materials

The ZirChrom-CARB is a useful alternative to Hypercarb® selectivities, and the ZirChrom PBD offers standard reverse phase interaction.