DeactiSil C4

DeactiSil™ is an identical selectivity to the Inertsil® HPLC column. Deactisil C4 has Butyl groups bonded to Silica gel and is able to achieve separation without adsorption. Conventional C4 columns lack durability, however, Deactisil C4 was developed to excel in durability as well as inertness.

DeactiSil C8

DeactisilTM C8 has identical selectivity to Inertsil C8 and is an inert and durable C8 column and is recommended for rapid analysis of very hydrophobic compounds.

DeactiSil ODS2

DeactisilTM ODS-2 has identical selectivity to Inertsil ODS-2 utilizing silica with a 150Å pore size.

DeactiSil Phenyl

DeactisilTM Phenyl has identical selectivity to Inertsil Ph and has Ethyl Phenyl groups bonded to Silica gel which offers weak pi-pi interactions. The Ethyl Phenyl group is a common functional group used for conventional Phenyl columns. Therefore Inertsil Ph has similar selectivity to other commercially available Ph columns.

Epic C18 MSO

Epic C18 MSO (mass spec optimized) is specifically engineered for the demands of LC-MS with or without the use of ultra-high pressure pumps. The flexibility of Epic C18-MSO is the result of our research into optimal particle diameters that can be used for both routine and ultra-high pressure pumping systems. Epic C18-MSO is based upon 2.3um fully porous particles giving it superior retention even at high organic levels while maintaining excellent sample loading.