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June 2015

June has already been a banner month for ES Industries - we met many of you at ASMS 2015 in St. Louis where we launched these new products, which were a resounding success:

  • ChromegaChiral CCA-F4 new fluorinated amylose based stationary phase for chiral separations.
  • Epic Biphenyl sub-2 micron a new phase that provides the retention of ODS with the selectivity of PFP.

and I am sure many of you will have already visted the new and improved ES Industries web site. Launched on June 1st, designed to provide an improved customer experience, with responsive design - working on tablets and smartphones and easy navigation being the main features. If you haven't visited yet then click here to source products, view our new literature and applications and look back at the ES Notes history. 

Watch next month for a new and improved, easier to read ES Notes format; the high quality content you have come to expect will still be there - all designed to be technically informative and practically usefulSM.

GreenSep Pyridyl Amide SFC Columns

Are you using Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC)? Are you still using TFA or Amine additives?

Have you tried GreenSep Pyridyl Amide? A material specifically designed for SFC Separations of acidic and basic compounds that does not require the addition of TFA or an amine as peak shape modifie and produces excellent peak shape high performance separations,yields rugged methods and delivers long column life times

Click on the link for example applications. Try GreenSep Pyridyl Amide now....


ChromegaChiral CCA-F4? Columns

Are you unable to separate your enantiomers?

Why not try ChromegaChiral CCA-F4? Another fluorinated CSP already succeeding where other's failed...

ChromegaChiral CCA-F4 was developed in collaboration with Bill Farrell of Pfizer, La Jolla, CA. This new chiral stationary phase, which may be used in HPLC or SFChas already proved to be valuable in a pharmaceutical drug development application where an enantiomeric mixture, which had not been separated previously, was baseline resolved yielding the two pure enantiomers.

ChromegaChiral CCA-F4 incorporates a fluoro group into a phenyl carbamate amylose structure, in a different position than ChromegaChiral CCA-F2 promoting a different fluorophilic retention mechanism which is useful in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery, where more than a third of newly approved small molecule drugs contain fluorine

Why not try it now? Click for more information ...

Epic PFP-LB sub-2 micron UHPLC Columns

Are you using a PFP column which exhibits bleed? Why not try our low bleed (LB) technology...

Continued new product R&D efforts have yielded a new HPLC column - Epic PFP-LB 1.8um. This development has elevated the Pentafluorophenyl (PFP) HPLC stationary phase to the next level of separation performance. Epic PFP-LB 1.8um combines the unique separation performance of PFP with the high performance characteristics of sub-2 micron ultra-high purity silica and the stability of the specially developed low bleed (LB) technology.

Why not try it now? Click for more information....


Visit us next at:

SFC 2015
9th International Conference on Packed Column SFC                             
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, July 22-24, 2015

P.S. Watch next month for technical information and New Product Releases such as:

FluoroSep RP Octyl a powerful separation tool for halogenated molecules.

GreenSep PFP 3um a new high performance fluorinated phase for high performance SFC.

Epic Biphenyl sub-2 micron a new phase that provides the retention of ODS with the selectivity of PFP.

David Kohler


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