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July 2015

Summer has finally arrived with temperatures soaring and with that the summer storms - one such freak storm caused severe power outages in our area which lasted several days and affected most of my colleagues at ES Industries. We are also rolling out our new look ES Notes to complement the updated and improved website.

We have attended several international meetings and exhibitions in the last month including Achema in Frankfurt, HPLC 2015 in Geneva and Chirality in Boston and will be attending SFC 2015 and Prep 2015 later this month - as always if you are attending we would welcome the opportunity to discuss chromatography.

Keep reading ES Notes and watch out for several new product introductions over the next few months.

David Kohler


ES Industries

FluoroSep-RP Octyl Columns

Are you struggling to get good structural isomer separations using your current C8 or C18 columns? Then let FluoroSep-RP Octyl columns help you ...

FluoroSep-RP Octyl columns were designed to separate closely related structural isomers. FluoroSep-RP columns resolve many compounds of pharmaceutical and agricultural interest, especially halogenated molecules. The perfluorinated stationary pyhase is less hydrophobic than a C8 or C18, with a unique selectivity to achieve difficult separations using only simple isocratic mobile phases

Interested? Then Try the FluoroSep RP Octyl Columns ...

Epic Biphenyl sub-2 μm HPLC Columns

Do you just need a different selectivity in reverse phase to make your separation ideal? Why not try Epic Biphenyl ...

The development of Epic Biphenyl sub-2 micron and the introduction of this new HPLC column have taken selective separation performance to the next level.

Epic Biphenyl is a truly unique stationary phase with properties significantly different than ODS phases and providing superior selectivity to Pentafluorophenyl stationary phases. This unique character results from the bonded biphenyl group imparting a pi –pi electron interaction which produces an enhanced retention for many compounds particularly those that contain polarizable electrons. Many classes of compounds contain polarizable electrons including halogenated compounds, aromatics, nitro aromatics and conjugated systems.

GreenSep PFP 3 μm? Columns

Are you using Supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC)? Are you still using a conventional stationary phases (such as diol, cyano etc...) trying to separate complex mixtures?

Why not use one of the specially engineered phases for SFC - GreenSep™ PFP SFC 3 μm – ideal for complex mixtures. 

GreenSep PFP 3 μm is ideally suited to high performance/high speed SFC preparative chromatography applications and offers the chromatographer greater flexibility in developing separations.

GreenSep PFP is the SFC column ideally suited for the retention and rapid separation of chemicals containing a wide variety of aromatic functional groupsand can easily replace conventional stationary phases used in SFC and deliver superior performance. 

Interested? Then Try GreenSep PFP 3 μm now....

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Upcoming Conference/Trade Shows

SFC 2015 July 22 – 24, 2015 Philadelphia, PA

9th International Conference on Packed-Column SFC

PREP 2015 July 2 – 29, 2015 Philadelphia, PA

28th International Symposium on Preparative and Process Chromatography

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P.S. Watch next month for technical information and New Product Releases such as:

ChromegaChiral CCO-F2 new fluorinated stationary phases for chiral separations

GreenSep Ethyl Pyridine for the separation of Efavirenz antiretroviral and its degradation products

Epic Phenyl Hexyl sub-2 micron a phenyl phase for UHPLC