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April 2015

Springtime is  a very busy conference and exhibition season for ES Industries and we have already had a presence at major international meetings in New Orleans and Denver in the USA and are currently attending the CPSA meeting in Shanghai-China. In June we will be exhibiting at ASMS in St. Louis and then attending both Achema in Frankfurt and HPLC 2015 in Geneva after which the travel tempo slows down a little - but not the product development efforts. New product development has been busy engineering more new products to make the chromatographers life a little easier. Keep reading ES Notes and watch out for several new product introductions over the next few months...

In this April 2015 edition we are including information on the new -

  • GreenSep™ Nitro a specially engineered phase for SFC
  • ChromegaChiral CCO-F4 another new fluorinated stationary phase for chiral separations
  • Preparative HPLC - practical considerations Part 2.

We look forward to providing you with more interesting and innovative products and applications ...

See the GreenSep family of SFC phases specifically designed for SFC in the new GreenSep SFC Column literature - request your personal copy by emailing me at ...

See the ChromegaChiral family of Chiral phases specifically designed for the separation and purification of Chiral compounds in the new ChromegaChiral Column literature - request your personal copy by emailing me at ...

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All designed to be technically informative and practically usefulSM.

GreenSep Nitro SFC Columns

Are you using Supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC)? Are you still using a conventional stationary phases (such as diol, cyano etc...) trying to separate complex mixtures?

Why not use one of the specially engineered phases for SFC - GreenSep™ Nitro SFC – ideal for complex mixtures. GreenSep Nitro SFC has proven to be superior to conventional phases for separation selectivity and loading capacity.

GreenSep Nitro SFC is ideal for the separation of geometrical isomers and diastereomers and is the column of choice in separating compounds that contain an aromatic group, polarizable electrons, halogenated groups or conjugate systems. GreenSep Nitro SFC is available in analytical columns for rapid analysis, preparative columns for purification and bulk media. 

Interested? Then Try GreenSep Nitro now....

ChromegaChiral CCO F4 Columns

Are you unable to separate your enantiomers?

Why not try ChromegaChiral CCO-F4 already succeeding where other CSP's failed...

ChromegaChiral CCO-F4 was developed in collaboration with Bill Farrell of Pfizer, La Jolla, CA. This new chiral stationary phase, which may be used in HPLC or SFC, has already proved to be valuable in a pharmaceutical drug development application where an enantiomeric mixture, which had not been separated previously, was baseline resolved yielding the two pure enantiomers.

ChromegaChiral CCO-F4 incorporates a fluoro group into a phenyl carbamate cellulose structure, in a different position than ChromegaChiral CCO-F2 promoting a different fluorophilic retention mechanism which is useful in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery, where more than a third of newly approved small molecule drugs contain fluorine

Why not try it now? Click for more information ...

Preparative HPLC - practical considerations Part 2

It all starts with the analytical column...

The use of an analytical column is the key step in developing any preparative HPLC separation. In order to develop and optimize a preparative HPLC separation a variety of analytical columns should be evaluated. The analytical column is essential in evaluating the chromatographic separation and developing a scale up plan for the preparative HPLC separation.

In the first part of this series topics covered included column length, column diameter and column flow. In this second part of the series the covered sublects will include particle size, stationary phase selection and mobile phase selection.

Read on to find out more on the practical considerations of Prep HPLC....

P.S. Watch next month for technical information and New Product Releases such as:

MacroSep C4 a stationary phase engineered for the separation of biomolecules

Epic HILIC-FL sub-2 micron a fluorinated phase for UPLC HILIC chromatography

GreenSep Ethyl Pyridine II an SFC stationary phase for the separation of acid containing organic compounds

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