Chromegabond WR C18

Chromegabond WR (Wide Range) is specially deactivated to produce superior peak shapes for amines and acids. Chromegabond WR C18 superior performance is the result of a multistep process beginning with ultra-pure synthetically produced spherical silica. The ultra-pure silica particles are then fully hydroxylated before they undergo an extensive bonding monomeric C18 alkyl chains, using proprietary bonding procedures. The bonded particles are then exhaustively endcapped to react any remaining silanol groups yielding columns that are much more resistant to degradation by acidic and basic mobile phase compositions, while improving peak shapes for amines and acids.

Nucleosil C18

Nucleosil C18, manufactured by Macherey- Nagel, Germany, is spherical totally porous silica bonded with octadecyl silanes and is available in a wide range of pore sizes and particle sizes. It has been cited extensively in the literature and is very well regarded in the chromatography community. Nucleosil is well characterized and reproducible. ES Industries has extensive experience with Nucleosil packings and manufactures the highest quality Nucleosil columns available.